[BusyBox] Patch 006 from the bug thing (devfsd)

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Tue Jun 7 01:20:52 UTC 2005

On Sunday 05 June 2005 11:35 am, Rainer Weikusat wrote:
> Rob Landley <rob at landley.net> writes:
> > The first two screenfulls of this patch were entirely gratuitous
> > whitespace and formatting changes (adding/moving curly brackets for no
> > readily apparent reason).  I got tired of reading this noise after the
> > first two pages with no actual changes yet.
> >
> > Why are extensive whitespace changes mixed in with a functional
> > change?
> The simple answer is that humans are not compilers and can read
> consistently and sensibly formatted text easier, despite many people
> are too lazy to care for such details.

*shrug*  I was just explaining why I wasn't going to merge it.  Apparently you 
don't want it merged.  We are in agreement.

By mixing gratuitous whitespace changes in with your functional changes, you 
make it harder for me to read the patch.  Either this is because you don't 
want me to read the patch because you're trying to slip something by and have 
it be lost in the noise, or you don't care about other people's time and 
effort because you're rude, or you honestly don't understand why this is a 
bad thing and thus my estimate of your judgement is such that I don't want to 
apply a patch you've ever had anything to do with if I can help it.

This isn't to say that whitespace can't be cleaned up, but in its own patch.  
Burying a functional change in whitespace noise makes it hard to see what's 
actually been changed, and justifying huge unrelated changes by pointing to a 
needed fix duct-taped to the side of them is incredibly rude.  (Insulting 
people who point this out is just bonus points.)  If you haven't figured out 
by now that log-rolling doesn't work in the open source world (and that this 
is a REASON our software is better), let this be a lesson for you.

However it goes, I'm never applying this patch.  Get somebody else to do it.  
In the meantime, here's a little light reading from a quick Google search:



And now, I know I removed my twit-list entries when Eric left me holding the 
merging bag, but you've _earned_ your place back on it...

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