[BusyBox] To when need I send patch ?

Roberto Alcantara roberto at fortalnet.com.br
Mon Jun 6 12:21:11 UTC 2005

Yes Craig, sorry about my confusion... -s it's in ping command.

Roberto Alcantara

On Mon, 6 Jun 2005, Craig Skinner wrote:

> Roberto Alcantara wrote:
>> Hi guys. Sorry about my basic question, but to when need I send patch to 
>> some BB tool ?
>> I will add -s (ip source) option in BB telnet client, because it's very 
>> usefull to test connection to some ports in hosts with more one output 
>> route. But for when need I send my code? This is usefull to BusyBox?
> man telnet shows:
> -b hostalias
> Uses bind(2) on the local socket to bind it to an aliased address
> (see ifconfig(8) and the ``alias'' specifier) or to the address
> of another interface than the one naturally chosen by connect(2).
> This can be useful when connecting to services which use IP ad­
> dresses for authentication and reconfiguration of the server is
> undesirable (or impossible).
> -S tos
> Sets the IP type-of-service (TOS) option for the telnet connec­
> tion to the value tos, which can be a numeric TOS value or, on
> systems that support it, a symbolic TOS name found in the
> /etc/iptos file.
> So you would want to make this -b, not -S then.
> Craig Skinner.
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