[BusyBox] udhcpc transaction id and chaddr checking

Keith Smith keith at pharos.co.nz
Wed Jun 1 20:59:38 UTC 2005

Tobias.Krawutschke at koeln.de wrote:
> On 29 May 2005 at 21:57, Rob Landley wrote:
>>>So I assume this bug can now be changed to resolved?:
>>Your call.  I don't touch Erik's bug system, just the mailing list and svn.  
>>I'd presume whoever submitted it would close it once they confirmed it was 
>>resolved, but if somebody else wanted to...
> Hello Keith,
> could you please close or change this in the bug tracking system or  
> did I not understand the reason why to let it be open?
> Best regards
> Tobias

How does one go about this?  Looking at
I can't figure out how to close it.  Note that my login is of class 
'reporter', so I suspect that I don't have the required authorization.

Sorry about the sluggish response - I have just resolved some
inefficiencies in my email setup that were detrimentally affecting
my monitoring of the busybox list.


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