[BusyBox] Mount --move --bind, and how to delete in vi?

Bill C. Riemers docbill+busybox at freeshell.org
Wed May 26 18:27:39 UTC 2004

Is it possible to add these two options to busybox?  I've built an
installation disk for coLinux which uses mostly busy box utilities, but I
find the --move and --bind options of mount too handy to omit.

I tried the busybox version of 'vi', but I could not figure out how to
remove text.  I tried <d><space>, <d><d>, ..., but none of the d options
seemed to work.  <i> and <r> worked fine.  I finally gaveup and included the
real vi, but have been having endless trouble getting it to recognize a
TERM=linux.  Adding a full blown termcap did not help.  I finally ended up
using vt102, but then the cursor keys won't work.

BTW. I did a small script for "man" which basically does:
  for i in "$@" ; do bunzip2 -c busybox.txt.bz2|sed -n -e
     ]*$i/,/^[     ]*-----/p";done|grep -v '^[     ]*-----'| more

This is better than no man pages, but it would work better if busybox.txt
was more precisely formatted so:
    man ls
would not pickup examples earlier in the file.


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