[BusyBox] allow non-root to do `hwclock --sysohc`

magicfox magicfox at magic.fr
Tue May 25 17:17:13 UTC 2004

> Is the above title possible? If so, how? I already did a chmod a+rwx on
> /dev/rtc,
> and even made my busybox binary suid (although a no-no), but still, my
> non-root
> user can't do a `hwclock --sysohc`. Any tips?
> TIA - Vic
You have to enable CONFIG_FEATURE_SUID with /etc/busybox.conf option active.
Do a chmod u+s /bin/busybox (root.root)
Create a /etc/busybox.conf file containing
hwclock = ssx 0.0
then a normal user can run specified command with root rights
and $ hwclock -w works for me.
kind regards.

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