[BusyBox] Building a uclibc toolchain with a bash script.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Thu May 20 21:56:28 UTC 2004

So here's the next stage in my uclibc toolchain.  Running this not only 
compiles the phase 1 stuff from before, but also recompiles it all with 
itself to produce versions of gcc and ld and such that are themselves linked 
against uclibc.

The resulting compiler doesn't include c++ support yet, and it doesn't include 
all the things necessary to work standalone in a chroot environment (like 
"make" and a command shell).  But it seems to work if you install it in 
/tools (or make a symlink from /tools to wherever you installed it), and then 
set your path like so:

export PATH=/tools/bin:$PATH

Here's the script.  I'm thumping on c++ as we speak...


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