[BusyBox] amd64 insmod again

Gareth Glaccum Gareth.Glaccum at compusys.co.uk
Wed May 19 20:15:47 UTC 2004

Depends how small you really want it. I compiled up insmod for my 2.6 kernel initrd, it came to 440K. If you can allow this waste of space (you could delete it later I suppose) it might be simpler than going to a new type of image that you are unused to.
The script mkinitrd may also give you pointers to how to do a simple insmod.

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	I'm still with the need to load kernel modules on amd64.
	I figured I'l try building a native busybox on amd64 and load from
	there. The problem is:
	modutils/insmod.c:252:2: #error Sorry, but insmod.c does not yet support this architecture...
	Any idea what I need to do to support this? Alternatively: can anybody
	recommend me a small bootable amd64 root filesystem which is as complete
	as possible?
	BTW: the makefile uses 'sed -i' . It is not always avilable. In case it
	is not avilable 'perl -pi' could be used instead (if perl is avilable).
	So it would make sense replacing all the 'sed -i'-s in Makefile with ,
	e.g. SED_I to allow easier replacement of it.
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