[BusyBox] BusyBox 1.0.0-pre10 and an MTA

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Tue May 18 05:50:48 UTC 2004

On Monday 17 May 2004 23:41, Martin Bogomolni wrote:
> With all the talk of exim, qmail, sendmail and the like I thought this
> would be a very good time to come out of 'lurk' mode.
> As a side project for one of the main projects I am currently using BusyBox
> for, I had to code up an MTA that would fit alongside everything else we
> are putting into an embedded system in under 32M of storage space.
> So, I coded up a new applet for BusyBox called, appropriately "NanoMTA".
> It's a relatively complete little MTA that comes in under 70k once compiled
> into "da box".  It's not ready for prime time, but I've certainly got the
> code together enough to share, if there is a demand for it.

Sounds interesting.  Keep me posted.

> Another little applet I'm working on (but haven't finished) is a small ssh
> client (alas, not a server).  Doesn't work properly yet.

There's already a small ssh server.  Google for "dropbear".

> I know 1.0 is in a codefreeze, but when the freeze lifts, if there is
> interest, I'd be happy to contribute either (or both).

I've got a bzip2 compression applet waiting until after 1.0 myself...


(And I came up with a much better huffman code table selection algorithm for 
bzip, I think.  I need to test that out sometime.  Iterate through each group 
of 50 and tentatively add its counts to each existing group, and choose the 
best group from that.  In case of ties, choose the least often used group.  
You can then do the iterative convergence thingy on top of that, if you'd 
like, but the very first set of tables you start with should be sane.  Who 
says long car trips aren't good for something? :)
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