[BusyBox] Cranky BusyBox

Joel joel_m_sandgathe at yahoo.com
Thu May 6 04:50:31 UTC 2004

>> I have just compiled and executed Busybox for the first time on my custom
>> It seems to be acting "funny", and I was wondering if these problems are
obvious to
>> anyone out there:

> BusyBox version?  C library version?  gcc version? binutils
> version?  Dynamically or staticly linked?

Well gee, I don't know !  However, after one week of digging, I found out:

BusyBox-0.6.2  -- now switched to BusyBox-1.0.0-pre10
dynamically linked, though maybe the library wasn't even present in the
target filesystem !
(ppc_8xx-)gcc-2.95.4 from www.denx.de ELDK

>> It is very difficult to diagnose 'acting funny' without as
>> much detail as you can provide...

Anyway, not surprisingly, BusyBox is now working for me.  I had the
idea that foolish user errors would be glaringly obvious and easily
explained -- and in fact
the questions that you fired back at me guided me where to look.  Thanks !

Did I mention how cool I think BusyBox is ?  I am entering the realm of
embedded linux
from the hardware world, and it's fantastic to be able to see how things
come together from
the bottom up (where my knowledge of the hardware/software interface
previously petered
out after the processor read its first instruction from a fixed physical
address after hardware
reset, I now have a full system, built piece-by-piece, layer-by-layer).  So
thanks everyone --
I know I'm "discovering" the work you all did well before I ever got
interested, and I'm
happy to stand on the shoulders of giants.

-- Joel

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