[BusyBox] amd64 module with x86 busybox

Tzafrir Cohen tzafrir at technion.ac.il
Sun May 9 12:54:38 UTC 2004


I have a busybox binary built in the standard x86 uClibc build root.

I want to use it in both x86 machines and amd64 machines (I would like
to avoid keeping a separate build environment for amd64. I can live with
the performance penalty).

This generally works fine. But when I try to load a module I get:

  # insmod ./dummy.o
  using ./dummy.o
  insmod: ELF file not for this architecture
  insmod: could not load module: no such file or directory
  # wc ./dummy.o
        1     26   3128

Is it possible to load a module with modutils from a different
architecture? Any chance that it will work if I just tell something to i
gnore this architecture test? 

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