[BusyBox] compilation errors

Viktor Safar viktor at salamon.sk
Tue May 4 14:53:30 UTC 2004


I get following compilation errors after "make"
using busybox 1.0.0-pre10:

./procps/procps.a(top.o): In function 'init_Hertz_value'
top.o(text+0+24c). undefined reference to 'strtod'
top.o(text+0+35c). undefined reference to 'strtod'

with "top" kernel process utility turned on in menuconfig


.loginutils/loginutils.a(passwd.o): In function 'new_password'
password.o(text+0+164c). undefined reference to 'difftime'

with "passwd" login/password utilities turned on in menuconfig

My environment:
RedHat 9 (Shrink)
My kernel: 2.4.18
My compiler: mips-linux-gcc crosscompiler 
from mip-linux-uclibc toolchain.

Hm, hope that's enough.
Some suggestions ?


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