[BusyBox] fixes to online docs

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at mindspring.com
Sun May 2 12:26:46 UTC 2004

  rather than torture poor glenn any further than i already have, i
figured i'd just post some docs inconsistencies here and let whoever is
appropriate deal with them.

  in a number of places, the online docs don't match the applet 
functionality.  the online docs might fail to mention an option at all.
or they might list it but not emphasize that it takes a value.  some
examples collected as i've worked my way thru the source and docs:


        cpio -[dimtuv][F cpiofile] 

        Extract or list files from a cpio archive Main operation mode:

        d               make leading directories
        i               extract
        m               preserve mtime
        t               list
        u               unconditional overwrite
        F               input from file

	1) fails to mention "-v" option in lower list
	2) fails to emphasize that "-F" takes arg in lower list
	3) Syntactically weird line starting with "Extract or list ..."



        -c      Write output to standard output
        -t      Test compressed file integrity

	- fails to mention "-f" or "-d" options


	- fails to mention several options, including compression level 


	- a number of options seem not to be documented: -p, -k, -h.

        unzip [-opts[modifiers]] file[.zip] [list] [-x xlist] [-d exdir] 

        -l      list archive contents (short form)
        -n      never overwrite existing files (default)
        -o      overwrite files without prompting
        -p      send output to stdout
        -q      be quiet
        -x      exclude these files
        -d      extract files into this directory

	1) the -x option is actually commented out of the source
	2) "-d" doesn't emphasize it takes a value (dirname) in the lower 

should i continue along these lines?  what's the best place for this 


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