[BusyBox] possible to add a "make allconfig" to the build process

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at mindspring.com
Sun May 2 11:33:35 UTC 2004

  is it feasible to add a linux kernel 2.6-like "make allconfig" target 
for the BB configuration, which would select every single feature?  (that 
is, every feature for which selection would make sense.  for example, it
wouldn't make sense to auto-select that you want a cross-compiler.)

  this would be handy if you wanted to be able to test a lot of the 
functionality, but didn't want to have to go thru every single menu
turning things on.


p.s.  there's also the potential problem that some features might be
mutually exclusive -- not sure what to do with that, perhaps just select
the more typical of the two.  as an example, until recently, "init" and
"minit" were mutually exclusive, but with minit going away, it's not a
problem anymore, although i'm sure there are others.


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