[BusyBox] modultils for 2.6?

DHollenbeck dick at softplc.com
Mon May 3 08:10:22 MDT 2004

> Am I missing something, or is the module support for 2.6.x broken? 

I believe that for 2.6 :

busybox insmod works ok.

busybox lsmod will work if you consider the fact that they yanked the QM_MODULES syscall 
from the 2.6 kernel and now use the contents of /proc/modules in 2.6.  This has been asked and answered before, its a busybox configuration issue.

busybox modprobe for 2.6 is broken in 1.00-pre7 thru 1.00-pre10 and possibly earlier.

I have been unable to get busybox modprobe to work on 2.6

I went to the non-busybox (full blown) version of modprobe and it works fine, no other changes.  
So I think modprobe is either broken or needs to be configured in a specific way that I have 
yet to discover and is not sufficiently documented.


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