[BusyBox] Issue with strings (1.00-pre10)

Ian Latter Ian.Latter at mq.edu.au
Wed Apr 14 13:05:09 UTC 2004

That was less than spectacular.  So much for the detail.

Long story short - two issues;

  1. main issue - patch attached (really an xmalloc issue?)
  2. cat /README | busybox strings  !=  cat /README | strings
      (no patch supplied to fix this issue).

Let me know if you need more feedback - happy to help out if
I can.

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>Subject:  [BusyBox] Issue with strings (1.00-pre10)
>Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 21:03:30 +1000
> Hello,
>   I put this off; I've seen the same issue in pre8,pre9 and pre10, but 
> I've just confirmed the fix.
>   In my distro, I have busybox running fine, except that;
>        strings /README
>        busybox strings /README
>        cat /README | busybox strings
> (where README is a plain text file -- not at this is important)
> all produce "strings" output, except where inserted between
> the 4th and 5th chars are a dollar sign, yen sign and an at 
> sign, on every row -- consistent across all builds in the past
> two months or so.
> The same binary on my RedHat9 dev box does not produce
> this error (just nice clean strings output)
> However, the strings buffer is n=4 (-1).  Removing the 
> comment on  miscutils/strings.c line 70 (string[n]=`
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