SV: [BusyBox] tftp (0.60.1)

Thomas Dahl td at
Mon Sep 17 09:08:12 UTC 2001


The tftp server comes from the Redhat 7.0 distribution (in.tftpd).

I think the problem arrives when a package is lost then it never gets on
track again. I can download a file from the tftp-server again and again,
some times it get through without timeing out, but most of the time it
fails. If I use the tftp client from Redhat 4.2 (libc5) I have never
experienced the problem. Same hardware, same location in the fysical
network, same remote server, same remote file, the only thing different is
the client. I'll try to dig more into the problem tomorrow to see if I'm
missing something... I will compile the 0.60.0 version of busybox to see if
the problem arrives with the old tftp client.


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Emne: Re: [BusyBox] tftp (0.60.1)

On 17 Sep 2001 10:44:24 +0200
Thomas Dahl <td at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm having some timeout problems with the tftp client in busybox 0.60.1.
> Busybox is compiled against libc5 and kernel 2.0.36.
> Using the tftp client from the Redhat 4.2 distribution don't give me
> these timeouts.
> Others out there experience these problems with the tftp client?

Busybox tftp does work for me with atftpd, i was gettign timeout errors
before i realised i hadnt restarted inetd (which starts atftpd).

What tftp server are you connecting to, i know of tftpd atftpd and
tftp-hpa, there may be compatability problem with servers other that atftp
ill do some more tests and try and reproduce your problem


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