bug#1214: [BusyBox] bug#1214: modprobe doesn't

Tim Riker Tim at Rikers.org
Sat Sep 15 20:00:07 UTC 2001

I would disagree. Having a modprobe binary implies that we have modprobe
functionality. We do not. We _do_ have insmod functionality.

If we claim to have modprobe and do not support the primary modprobe
feature, then modprobe is broken. This should remain a bug until either
the functionality is implemented or the modprobe applet is removed.

Adam Slattery wrote:
> > modprobe.c just calls insmod without looking for a modules.dep for any
> > preloads. NFS compiled as a module should load sunrpc, then lockd, then
> > nfs for example. I placed a modules.dep on the fs, and modutils modprobe
> > does that, but busybox modprobe does not.
> Very true, but this isn't a bug. It's a missing feature so this should
> probably be downgraded to wishlist. Eventually code should probably be
> added to at least follow modules.dep.
> As a work-around you can either use modutils (the recommended method) or
> hack together a shell script (yes, this is possible).
> - Adam Slattery

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