[BusyBox] Strange trouble

David Hollister david at digitalaudioresources.org
Thu Sep 13 08:56:15 UTC 2001

Andrew Dixon wrote:
> David Hollister wrote:
> <snip>
>>During this first rc script, on one computer (A K6-2/350 running on a DFI
>>K6BV3+MB), ldconfig and mount are called out by the rc script and all I get is a
>>message from the busybox shell saying "Illegal instruction".  Nothing more.  
> Have you tried running the commands in the script one at a time to
> figure out which is the "Illegal instruction?"

Anything that isn't a busybox app causes an illegal instruction.  There are only 
two.  A call to /bin/mount, and a call to /sbin/ldconfig.

If I drop to a busybox shell at the end of the sysinit rc script, I can try 
various things, and calling any program that isn't a busybox built-in causes an 
illegal instruction.

> You might also want to check your Config.h and make sure that you've got
> BB_TEST turned on.

I'm not even doing any real scripting.  The rc script simply calls a series of 
commands.  Some are busybox built-ins, some aren't.  For the record, though, 
BB_TEST is on.

> It's always bad when something works on one machine and not another.
> Good luck,
> Andy

That's for sure.  It's got me scratching my head.

David Hollister
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