[BusyBox] vodz telnetd applet

David Douthitt ssrat at mailbag.com
Wed Sep 12 16:38:43 UTC 2001

Erik Andersen wrote:

> One of the reasons I started the netkit-tiny
> project (which was later dismantled at the request of the busybox community),
> was to segregate the server code from everything else.

> So if we can separate all the server processes into a separate binary, I think
> that would be a good thing.

> Thoughts?

One of the nice things would be the ability to set things like telnetd
and other things to mode 700; but you can't do this because then sed
would be mode 700 (ouch!).

That's why tinylogin is STILL separate (and I hope it stays so).

It would be nice to be able to make many of the binaries mode 700, but
it can't be done when things like sed, grep, vi, basename, and chmod
would be mode 700 too - or ash... triple-ouch!

But things like swapon, swapoff, halt, init, insmod, mknod, reboot,
rmmod, syslogd, klogd - these might benefit from mode 700 permissions.

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