[BusyBox] bb and sysvinit

Bene, Martin Martin.Bene at KPNQwest.com
Mon Sep 10 13:30:37 UTC 2001

Hi Andrew,

> Hi All,
> I'm finding some incompatibilities between bb-0.60 (and to a lesser
> extent bb-0.52) and sysvinit.  Has anyone else come across these
> problems before?

Yes, I also encountered these. Given that bb init doesn't do runlevels this
actually is to be expected and documented. 

I've done two different setups, one using the bb init/inittab+minimalistic
startup/kill scripts fro a lean setup and a 2nd config where I completely
replaced the bb init/halt/reboot etc stuff with full sysvinit; was fairly
easy becase it's a big* system anyway and already has glibc available.

*) big in this context means it's running off a 4MB DiskOnChip.

Bye, Martin

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