[BusyBox] bb-0.60.1 built in shell

Andrew Dixon andrew.dixon at seranoa.com
Mon Sep 10 13:13:25 UTC 2001

Christian Ruediger Bahls wrote:
> did you do a dynamically linked version of busybox ?
> if ldd busybox shows anythink other than static
> build a static copy of it or cope named libraries to directory
> "lib" below your source-tree

Yes, this was the problem.  I have a script that builds a file system
that I test this way and it broke when I upgraded bb so I tried to
simplify the problem but didn't simplify enough.  

Thanks for your help.  I'm on the trail of the problem now which, as it
turns out, is that bb and sysvinit don't play well together.  I noticed
that with bb-0.52 I had to omit halt from the sysvinit suite but bb-0.60
has a problem with something else.  Hmmmm.

thanks for your help,

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