[BusyBox] Layoff at Lineo...

David Douthitt ssrat at mailbag.com
Mon Sep 10 06:17:53 UTC 2001

David Kimdon wrote:

> I doubt busybox/uclibc/tinylogin would need to move again, the only thing
> that would cause that would be Debian disappearing; Debian has a fairly
> long history hostory already and it will exist as long as there are people
> happy to work on it.

Never say never.  Recently SuSe had to be bailed out of near-bankruptcy,
and VA made drastic cuts that appeared to threaten SourceForge, and now
Lineo went through not one but two serious cutbacks.  What (or who) is

How do these goings-on reflect about affairs at Caldera, who just
acquired SCO?

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