[BusyBox] Layoff at Lineo...

Erik Andersen andersen at codepoet.org
Sat Sep 8 11:02:08 UTC 2001

On Sun Sep 09, 2001 at 10:46:57AM +1000, Glenn McGrath wrote:
> > 
> I did read about that, but i though you and busybox would be pretty safe.
> It surprises me that lineo doesnt see busybox (and uclibc) to be worth
> suporting, i think they should be proud of how far its come since they
> took you and the projects onboard... i guess they must be very savage
> cuts.
> Sourceforge could be a good host for the project ?

I've certainly considered it, though I do have some doubts
about how long VA will be able to keep that going...  If we
go to the pain of moving, I'd like it to be only once.

> I was wondering prior to this if anyone has backups of the the CVS
> archive, it has a pretty long history, it would be bad to loose it if
> something unexpected did happen.

I made a backup yesterday, just in case...

> > If anybody knows of a good job for a Linux/uClinux/embedded hacker
> > I am interested in hearing about it...
> > 
> If you have your financial commitments under control being unemployed can
> be quite fullfilling :)


I'm planning on spending a bit of time enjoying having time
off and no boss telling me what to do.  As you've probably
noticed, I havn't been given much time for busybox

> I guess thats a big IF for most people though.

I'm in pretty good shape.  I can probably go 6 months or so
without needing to work (at the cost of eating up my savings
and annoying my wife ;).   I also have some consulting work
I've been doing on the side that (when finished) will let me
go several more months if I need to.


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