[BusyBox] which shell for scriptin

Joerg Schmitz-Linneweber schmitz-linneweber at aston-technologie.de
Thu Sep 6 23:04:19 UTC 2001


Am Freitag,  7. September 2001 00:51 schrieb David Kimdon:
> FWIW I found msh in 0.52 to handle a lot of scripts without difficulty, and
> as you noticed, ash had some problems.
I can't ACK that with msh from 0.60.x! If he (the OP) has to use backticks in 
script, he'll be in trouble.
As the CVS (and Erik or Vladimir) stated: "Backticks may not work if they 
produce more then a few kByte of input data for msh". But as I tried to do 
something like:
test -s/var/run/this.pid && kill `cat /var/run/this.pid`
msh failed silently and I worked out that the backticks won't even produce 
_some bytes_ of data.
  But perhaps this is corrected until now and every backtickin' works smooth 
now? I had not the time until now to look at the source of this problem (so I 
switched to ash...)

Salut, Jörg

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