[BusyBox] Applet mini-HOWTO (was: Syslogd and other stuff)

Michael Renzmann renzmann at gmx.de
Wed Dec 20 06:41:50 UTC 2000


> Doxygen can be configured to extract the code structure from
> undocumented source files. This can be very useful to quickly find
> your way in large source distributions. The relations between the
> various elements are be visualized by means of include dependency
> graphs, inheritance diagrams, and collaboration diagrams, which are
> all generated automatically.
> I'd love to hear comments / feedback from anyone who's used this tool
> and can cast a vote of "it rules" / "it sucks".

I did not use it up to now, but it sounds great. I´m looking forward to
any comment on this tool...

Bye, Mike

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