[BusyBox] Strange behaviour of tar -X / --exclude

Arne Bernin ab at netropol.de
Sun Dec 17 20:13:43 UTC 2000


trying to get a working lrp with bb tar, i found out that there is a
different behaviour in handling leading "/"s in tar .c
tar --exclude:
	/* Remove leading "/"s */
	if (*excludeList[excludeListSize] =='/')
		excludeList[excludeListSize] = (excludeList[excludeListSize])+1;

tar -X:
	/* Remove leading "/"s */
	while (*excludeList[excludeListSize] == '/')
the second one fails for making tars from / and an exclude file whith lines
like "/usr", 
so i think the first behaviour is the right one ?
is that true ?

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