[BusyBox] read in sh / shell-variables

Jan Setzer setzer at fms-computer.com
Fri Dec 15 09:41:31 UTC 2000


I tried busybox to build an minimal Diskless boot-configuration and I have
different problems (already solved by workarounds...).

Shell-variables aren't replace with value when followed by not a space
  export T=123
  echo $T             ok
  echo $T:            incorrect: result $T:

the work around for this problem is uggly!

Is it possible to add support to "read" from files. Normal I use
  read T </tmp/VAR

but this doesmn't work with busybox-sh (mising pipe-support?!). How can I
write something to a file and read to a variable?

Thanks for all help.

The busybox is small and effective, thanks for develop.

See you later

Jan Setzer

jan.setzer at fms-computer.com

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