[BusyBox] tar -z support

Richard June rjune at imagestream-is.com
Fri Dec 1 14:09:51 UTC 2000

Just out of curiosity, does your changes to gzip add the -d option to
Glenn McGrath wrote:
> Ive got some code to support the tar -z option, doing some more tests
> now, then i will check it in if noone objects.
> I changed gunzip.c to create a gunzip_init() function and made it and
> unzip() external.
> To get tar to extract i forked a new process to unzip the file, and that
> just feeds the uncompressed data back to tar. It worked easily as tar
> works in one pass.
> I dont know if this is the best approach, it could be handled in a more
> superficial way using something like system("zcat filename.tar.gz | tar
> -xv "), personally i try and avoid using system(), but maybe thats just
> me though.

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