[git commit] Announce 1.31.0

Denys Vlasenko vda.linux at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 10 10:49:23 UTC 2019

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Signed-off-by: Denys Vlasenko <vda.linux at googlemail.com>
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diff --git a/news.html b/news.html
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@@ -34,6 +34,272 @@
+  <li><b>10 June 2019 -- BusyBox 1.31.0 (unstable)</b>
+    <p><a href="https://busybox.net/downloads/busybox-1.31.0.tar.bz2">BusyBox 1.31.0</a>.
+    (<a href="https://git.busybox.net/busybox/tree/?h=1_31_stable">git</a>,
+    <a href="https://busybox.net/downloads/fixes-1.31.0/">patches</a>,
+    <a href="https://busybox.net/fix.html">how to add a patch</a>)</p>
+    <p>Sizes of busybox-1.30.1 and busybox-1.31.0 (with equivalent config, static uclibc build):<pre>
+   text	   data	    bss	    dec	    hex	filename
+1008478	    487	   7436	1016401	  f8251	busybox-1.30.1
+1008392	    482	   7428	1016302	  f81ee	busybox-1.31.0</pre>
+    </p>
+    <p>Changes since previous release:
+<pre>Aaro Koskinen:
+      sysctl: fix compatibility with procps sysctl
+Aitor Esteve Alvarado:
+      start-stop-daemon: change priority before dropping privileges
+Alexander Vickberg (3):
+      httpd: when sending gzipped content use content-length header
+      httpd: pass authorization header to CGI if not Basic
+      start-stop-daemon: fix -x is not required for -K
+Andrey Mazo:
+      udhcpc: don't exit after backgrounding on -n -b
+Antoine Girard-Vallée:
+      udhcp: add 100 and 101 dhcp options for ipv4
+Ari Sundholm (2):
+      grep: fix -x -v with certain pattern orders
+      grep: short-circuit -v to bail out on first match
+Bernhard Reutner-Fischer (5):
+      checkstack.pl: fix arch autodetection
+      checkstack: pull from upstream
+      checkstack.pl: tweak bfin re
+      ip link: Fix vlan proto, closes 8261 and 11638
+      ipaddress: remove unused variable no_link
+Brian Foley (4):
+      awk: Guard pointer chasing when parsing ternary expressions.
+      awk: Syntax error if delete isn't given an arg.
+      awk: Fix overly permissive func arg list parsing
+      sed: Fix backslash parsing for 'w' command arg
+Chen Qi:
+      dc.tests: fix two test case to also depend on DC_BIG
+Danijel Tasov:
+      telnet: provide feedback after successful connect
+Denys Vlasenko:
+      make_single_applets.sh: fix for BSS trick
+      examples/var_service: use "exec sleep 5" instead of "{ sleep 5; exit; }"
+      dhcp service example: cater for servers not giving subnet and/or router
+      service examples: do not respawn supplicant too often
+      service examples: if iface do not exist, retry upping it
+      service examples: ifplugd -M to prevents frequent respawning
+      libarchive: treat one "FIXME: avoid seek"
+      libbb: move netlink socket binding to the utility function
+      libbb: find_mount_point() too eager to stat mounted devices
+      lineedit: fix SEGV in isk, hexedit, ed, closes 11661
+      ash,hush: implement optional "BASE#nnnn" numeric literals
+      ash,hush: move all definitions of strto_arith_t() together
+      ash,hush: add tests for backslashes in export VAR=VAL
+      ash,hush: bash compat for ulimit: -w => -x, -p => -u
+      ash,hush: bash compat for ulimit: reorder to match
+      ash,hush: fix ulimit to be more bash-compat, closes 11791
+      ash,hush: show 'c' in $- if run in "sh -c CMD"
+      ash,hush: ulimit: add -i RLIMIT_SIGPENDING, -q RLIMIT_MSGQUEUE
+      ash: add "wait -n" bashism
+      ash: allocate line editing structure only if needed
+      hush: add "wait -n" bashism
+      hush: allocate line edit buffer only for interactive shell
+      hush: fix "export PS1=xyz" and "local PS1=xyz" messing up prompt
+      hush: fix "wait -n" to wait for a _job_, not a _process_
+      hush: fix quoted "${notexist-}" expansion to not disappear
+      hush: handle LINENO the same way as RANDOM: variable is "ephemeral"
+      hush: implement $-, set default PATH if it is not set on startup
+      hush: remove code to track PS1/2 values dynamically - it's too much work
+      hush: remove test for "echo ${-}" errorring out - now it works
+      hush: set default PS1/2 only if we are interactive
+      hush: show 's' in $-
+      adduser: fix a bug of getpwnam() overwriting shell name, closes 8586
+      awk: fix testsuite
+      bc: disallow invalid syntax like "{ print 1 print 2 }"
+      bc: fix "...; return}" to work, disallow "return ()"
+      bc: implement pass-by-reference code from upstream
+      bc: in xc_read_line(), check ^C on NUL input bytes too
+      bc: make error line number also size_t, like everything else
+      bc: remove "empty expression" check/message, parsing fails in these cases anyway
+      bc: remove extra div/0 test, remove test for string function parameter
+      bc: shorten "limits" output
+      bc: speed up string printing, fix print ""
+      bc: support ibase up to 36 (GNU compat)
+      bc: support void functions (GNU compat)
+      bc: upstream fixes
+      dc: fix returning of string
+      dc: fix '?'
+      dc: make 4 % 0 emit error messgaes and set result to 0
+      brctl: convert all commands to work via /sys
+      brctl: simplify str_to_jiffies()
+      bunzip2: the correct condition is "n < groupCount", not "n <= groupCount". Closes 11896
+      chrt: do not segfault if policy number is unknown
+      chrt: fix for SCHED_RESET_ON_FORK bit
+      dd: fix handling of short result of full_write(), closes 11711
+      expand,unexpand: drop broken test, add FIXME comment
+      expand: add commented-out code to handle NULs
+      find: handle leading -- argument
+      fsync,sync: merge into one source module
+      httpd: add js to built in MIME types list
+      httpd: add missing {}
+      httpd: check denied IPs even before reading 1st query line
+      httpd: do disable header reading timeout even if proxying
+      httpd: do not decode URL and headers if proxying - send all verbatim
+      httpd: do not percent-decode URI if proxying
+      httpd: do not set alarm() timeout if we read cached header
+      httpd: extract query string only after proxying check
+      httpd: fix handling of EOF in get_line()
+      httpd: fix proxy headers passing - full_write() instead of write()
+      httpd: if remote IP is denied, send FORBIDDEN reply earlier
+      httpd: make rmt_ip variable local
+      httpd: put all headers into environment as HTTP_UPPERCASED_HEADER=val
+      httpd: require "HTTP/xyz" at the end of request line
+      httpd: use full size of iobuf[] when piping CGI data
+      ifupdown: close memory leak
+      ip link: fix mismatched enums in vlan_parse_opt(), closes 11631
+      ip: use rtnl_send_check() on flush commands, closes 6962
+      login: close PAM session on errors as well, not only on success
+      login: remove extra IF(), no code changes
+      losetup: implement -c
+      lpd: avoid SEGVing on immediate EOF from peer
+      ls: fix SEGV when --color is used and ENABLE_LS_COLOR=n
+      man: add "/usr/share/man" as another default MANPATH, fix col override
+      mount,losetup: use /dev/loop-control is it exists
+      nslookup: return exitcode 1 on resolution errors
+      ntpd: do not create pid file if not backgrounded
+      ntpd: increase SLEW_THRESHOLD from 0.125 to 0.5
+      passwd: do not set 0 as date of last password change, closes 11951
+      pmap: make 32-bit version work better on 64-bit kernels
+      ps: ensure fields are separated by at least one space, closes 11826
+      sed: fix /regex/,+N match triggering only once, closes 11871
+      sleep: support "inf"
+      start-stop-daemon: create pidfile before parent exits, closes 8596
+      start-stop-daemon: do try to close fds > 2
+      start-stop-daemon: fix "both -x and -a" case: -a does override argv[0]
+      sysctl: allow setting empty values
+      sysctl: avoid stat() on every item if in -w mode
+      sysctl: do slash/dot conversions only on name, not value part
+      sysctl: on EIO ("sysctl net.ipv6.conf.all.stable_secret") set nonzero exitcode
+      telnet: speed up processing of network input
+      telnetd: better AYT handling
+      telnetd: fix bad interaction with vhangup() from login
+      tftp: optional tftp-hpa compat
+      tls: add comment about dl.fedoraproject.org needing secp256r1 ECC curve
+      tls: pstm code shrink
+      ts: new applet
+      udhcp: downgrade "got raw socket fd" message to log3, make log2 default max
+      udhcp: get rid of last global data
+      udhcp: get rid of static data signal_pipe
+      udhcp: rename client_config to client_data, server_config to server_data
+      udhcpc6: add a few comments, no code changes.
+      udhcpc6: make it enabled in defconfig
+      udhcpc: when decoding DHCP_SUBNET, ensure it is 4 bytes long
+      udhcpd: code shrink - do not fetch requested IP twice
+      udhcpd: fix printing of static leases
+      udhcpd: support per-client hostnames in static leases
+      vi: code shrink, proper printf formatting for strlen()
+      vi: fix ^Z not always working as intended
+      vi: install SIGINT handler _after_ restart setjmp is initialized
+      vi: rearrange functions, no logic changes
+      vi: rename save_argc -> cmdline_filecnt
+      vi: restore capability to remember insertion cmds for "."
+      vi: revert change in how "end of file list" is detected - fixes 'q' in bare "vi"
+      vi: use vsnprintf to format status line
+      watch: support fractional -n SEC
+      wget: detect when the length of received file is less than advertised
+      wget: remove empty if/endif preprocessor directive pair
+      xargs: mention -E STR in --help
+Einar Jón:
+      passwd: initialize pointers correctly
+Jack O'Sullivan:
+      losetup: Add partition scanning option
+James Byrne:
+      Optionally re-introduce bb_info_msg()
+Jan Klötzke (3):
+      mdev: move action processing into separate functions
+      mdev: use option parser helper
+      mdev: add support to run as daemon
+John L. Hammond:
+      ln: correct 'ln -T' usage message
+Kaarle Ritvanen:
+      ip: print dadfailed flag
+Khem Raj:
+      networking: cc is not a register
+Mark Marshall:
+      capability: fix string comparison in cap_name_to_number
+Martijn Dekker:
+      ls: make -i compatible with coreutils: don't follow symlink by default
+Martin Lewis (5):
+      wget: add -o flag
+      wget: notify on download begin and end
+      wget: don't notify on download begin and end if quiet
+      telnetd: Added support for AYT IAC command.
+      udhcpc6: Fixed aliasing compilation error
+Nicolas Hüppelshäuser:
+      scripts/echo.c: resolve implicit declaration of function 'dup2'
+Nikolaus Voss (2):
+      i2ctransfer: new applet
+      i2c_tools.c: i2ctransfer
+Rolf Eike Beer:
+      examples/udhcp/simple.script: fix resolv.conf update if it is a dangling symlink
+Ron Yorston (18):
+      libbb: mark scripted_main() as externally visible
+      ash: eval: avoid leaking memory associated with redirections. Closes 7748
+      ash: distinguish 'wait -n' from other bashisms
+      ash: an unset dynamic variable should not be dynamic
+      ash: add bash-compatible EPOCH variables
+      ash: prevent error in backquotes in PS1 from exiting shell
+      ash: catch error in arithmetic expansion in PS1
+      hush: add bash-compatible EPOCH variables
+      du: don't count duplicate arguments. Closes 5288
+      man: don't skip default path which appears in config file
+      stat: reduce storage for human-readable filesystem names
+      vi: fix faulty undo after autoinsert
+      vi: fix replacement of single character with CR
+      vi: further fixes to undo after autoindent
+      vi: allow manual screen update if SIGWINCH isn't supported
+      vi: avoid build failure in non-default case
+      vi: fix changes to word at end of line. Closes 11796
+      vi: enable 'dG' command. Closes 11801
+Rostislav Skudnov (2):
+      chcon: Fix typo in ACTION_RECURSE
+      dd: add 'oflag=append'
+Stefan Sørensen:
+      ip: Fix ip -o link
+Thomas De Schampheleire:
+      top: provide cmdline argument '-H' to enable thread scanning by default
+Thomas Frauendorfer:
+      Fix off by one error in FAT16 <=> FAT32 detection
+Vicente Jimenez Aguilar:
+      httpd: add svg to built in MIME types list
+    </p>
   <li><b>14 February 2019 -- BusyBox 1.30.1 (stable)</b>
     <p><a href="https://busybox.net/downloads/busybox-1.30.1.tar.bz2">BusyBox 1.30.1</a>.
     (<a href="https://git.busybox.net/busybox/tree/?h=1_30_stable">git</a>)</p>

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