[Bug 8791] sed : in substitution string \1 to \9 or & don't behave as per GNU & POSIX specification

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Thu Mar 17 17:14:21 UTC 2016


--- Comment #7 from clu <clu at free.fr> ---
indeed, you're working example shows that no impact exists within the line
contrary to my 1st memory of it. So, when dealing with microsoft platform
originated files dos2unix it is! (sorry for the trouble here).
And i better do it at the source to avoid messing within my scripts.
In the present case i dealt with 7zip to rename files within archives and 
7z was, then, delivering those CRLF EOL I'll have to, for instance, do :
$7z l arc.zip | dos2unix | sed -e 'my scripts" ... before going any further.

BTW, since i did now :
$ cat myfile | dos2unix | sed 's/\(.*\)/\1\1/'
giving the expected result, what did the patch consist of? and, do i need it?
If so... as a selfish request from an incompetent coder, could you, please,
provide the resulting binary in the repository? 
Danke Shön so much :-)


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