[Bug 9141] ip: RTNETLINK answers: Invalid argument

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Sat Aug 6 17:37:15 UTC 2016


--- Comment #2 from Neil MacLeod <busybox at nmacleod.com> ---
The problem seems to be this part of the change:


+               if (RT_SCOPE_UNIVERSE != 0)
+                       req.r.rtm_scope = RT_SCOPE_UNIVERSE;

On Linux, RT_SCOPE_UNIVERSE is 0 so req.r.rtm_scope is never assigned a usable
value unless it comes from the command line (ie. "scope 0"). If req.r.rtm_scope
is not assigned a value then a default value of 255 (RT_SCOPE_NOWHERE) is used.

Remove the "if" condition so that req.r.rtm_scope is set unconditionally and
the problems reported in this bug are resolved.

If the "scope 0" argument is added on the command line then there is also no
problem, however third party programs such as OpenVPN don't supply the scope
argument so they fail with Busybox 1.25.0.

Presumably the default scope should be "scope 0" but that's not working after
this change, and "scope #" is now mandatory which is a major break in terms of

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