[Bug 5882] flashcp not padding file image

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Thu Jan 24 03:52:19 UTC 2013


--- Comment #4 from Element Green <element at elementsofsound.org> 2013-01-24 03:52:40 UTC ---
Looking at the source code, I see that writes are not padded to the flash pad
size, but erases are (as mentioned).  As a test I did a simple redirect of the
same kernel image to the mtd device file 'cat image > /dev/mtdblock4' after
doing a flash_eraseall of the device.  The same kernel generated error
resulted.  If I pad the image, the error message does not occur.  I had a look
at the mtd flashcp source code and saw that it also does not do padding with
writes.  So it seems like the Busybox flashcp is compatible with the mtd-utils
version, so perhaps this is more of a feature request than a bug.

It just surprised me that writes weren't being padded with flashcp, since it
seemed contrary to the high level user friendly behavior that it appears to
have, which is the reason why I created the bug.  My solution for now is to
just pad the image.  If functionality was added for this, perhaps an additional
command line switch would be the way to go, so as not to stray from being
compatible with the mtd-utils functionality.

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