[Bug 5042] busybox fails to connect to IPv6-and-V4 targets from v4-only hosts

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Wed Jan 16 01:47:05 UTC 2013


--- Comment #5 from Denys Vlasenko <vda.linux at googlemail.com> 2013-01-16 01:47:27 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #4)
> (In reply to comment #3)
> > Did you try to ENABLE_FEATURE_PREFER_IPV4_ADDRESS in .config?
> Yes, CONFIG_FEATURE_PREFER_IPV4_ADDRESS=y has always been set.

Then it has to use IPv4 in the situation described in 1st comment:

"Apparently when getaddrinfo() returns a v6 addresss before v4 one, and the
from which we're trying to connect does not have v6 routing, the connection
As far as I can see, this is due to str2sockaddr() function returning only
first address..."

Relevant code from busybox-1.19.4/libbb/xconnect.c:

str2sockaddr(...) {
        rc = getaddrinfo(host, NULL, &hint, &result);
        if (rc || !result) {
        used_res = result;
        while (1) {
                if (used_res->ai_family == AF_INET)
                used_res = used_res->ai_next;
                if (!used_res) {
                        used_res = result;

Can you debug why it doesn't work as intended?

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