[Bug 4496] passwd applet ruins UID field in /etc/passwd

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Mon Nov 21 14:23:46 UTC 2011


--- Comment #3 from Jelle Martijn Kok <jmkok at youcom.nl> 2011-11-21 14:23:46 UTC ---
Aha... now it works correctly (but Busybox is twice the size...)

On my development machine:
$ make clean
$ export CONFIG_DEBUG=y
$ make V=1
(The lines now say "-O0" instead of "-Os")
$ make install CONFIG_PREFIX=$ROOTFS
(To get it on the arm9)

Busyboc has grown from 699664 bytes to 1166624 bytes.

~# cat /etc/passwd | grep -E ^root
~# passwd -d root
Password for root changed by root
~# cat /etc/passwd | grep -E ^root

Other tests correctly changes the password and shadow file.

So it seems to be an optimizer issued...

I'll now built the "libbb/update_passwd.s" file and attach it to the next
message as suggested by Denys.

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