[Bug 629] Non-compliant DHCP servers and udhcpc

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Wed Sep 30 11:22:38 UTC 2009


--- Comment #1 from Nigel Hathaway <nhathaway at ubiquisys.com>  2009-09-30 11:22:38 UTC ---
To be more specific on this:

In networking/udhcp/dhcpc.c, there is a section for the code that looks like

                        case REBINDING:
                                /* Lease is *really* about to run out,
                                 * try to find DHCP server using broadcast */
                                if (timeout > 0) {
                                        /* send a request packet */
                                        send_renew(xid, 0 /*INADDR_ANY*/,
requested_ip); /* broadcast */
                                        timeout >>= 1;
                                /* Timed out, enter init state */
                                bb_info_msg("Lease lost, entering init state");
                                udhcp_run_script(NULL, "deconfig");
                                state = INIT_SELECTING;

The line "change_listen_mode(LISTEN_RAW);" should really be moved to just below
"/* send a request packet */". This is because, if you send a request on
broadcast, you would expect a reply on broadcast.

Does this make sense? Have I missed anything?

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