hush su

Denys Vlasenko vda.linux at
Thu Sep 3 01:29:57 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 02 September 2009 04:13, ccku wrote:
> I am building busybox for ARM uclinux (nommu), and use the hush as the main
> shell. (msh seems can not run testsuite)
> it's ok to boot, and seems normal to run some commands.
> Then I like to run testsuite.
> /root/busybox-1.14.3/testsuite # ./runtest
> Have some qeustions....
> 1. it always run (or mean stop) in "while read line; do", and can not
> execute the next command
> implemented=$(
>         "$bindir/busybox" 2>&1 |
>         while read line; do
>                 if [ x"$line" = x"Currently defined functions:" ]; then
>                         xargs | sed 's/,//g'
>                         break
>                 fi
>         done
>         )

I just tested 1.15.0 and it seems to run ./runtest
with /bin/sh symlinked to hush. (Did not test it with
hush build with CONFIG_NOMMU=y though...)

> 2. why I can not use sh -x runtest to debug? (msh can....)

hush accepts, but currently (1.15.0) just ignores -x.

> 3. Does hush suppose to pass all the testsuite?

I only regularly test that it passes its own testsuite
while hacking on it, in order to make sure we do not regress.
Try "cd shell/hush_test; ./run-all" in the source tree.

I did not specifically test that "cd testsuite; ./runtest"
works with hush.

Anyway, hush again had a lot of fixes in the latest version,
if you plan to use it heavily, switch to 1.15.x.


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