[BusyBox-cvs] cvs commit to busybox by bug1

Glenn McGrath bug1 at busybox.net
Fri Aug 25 03:25:08 UTC 2000

Repository: busybox
who:        bug1
time:       Thu Aug 24 21:25:08 MDT 2000

Log Message:
Initial import from lineo


Vendor Tag:	busybox
Release Tags:	start

N busybox/CVSROOT/loginfo
N busybox/CVSROOT/loginfo,v
N busybox/CVSROOT/rcsinfo
N busybox/CVSROOT/rcsinfo,v
N busybox/CVSROOT/editinfo
N busybox/CVSROOT/editinfo,v
N busybox/CVSROOT/verifymsg
N busybox/CVSROOT/verifymsg,v
N busybox/CVSROOT/commitinfo
N busybox/CVSROOT/commitinfo,v
N busybox/CVSROOT/taginfo
N busybox/CVSROOT/taginfo,v
N busybox/CVSROOT/checkoutlist
N busybox/CVSROOT/checkoutlist,v
N busybox/CVSROOT/cvswrappers
N busybox/CVSROOT/cvswrappers,v
N busybox/CVSROOT/notify
N busybox/CVSROOT/notify,v
N busybox/CVSROOT/modules
N busybox/CVSROOT/modules,v
N busybox/CVSROOT/config
N busybox/CVSROOT/config,v
N busybox/CVSROOT/history

No conflicts created by this import


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