[Buildroot] Buildroot 2021.05.2 released

Peter Korsgaard peter at korsgaard.com
Wed Sep 15 15:57:19 UTC 2021


Buildroot is a simple tool for creating complete embedded Linux systems

Buildroot 2021.05.2 is released - Go download it at:




Or get it from Git:


Buildroot 2021.05.2 is a bugfix release, fixing a number of important /
security related issues discovered since the 2021.05.1 release.

- Toolchain: Disable fortify support for Microblaze as it is not
  currently working.

- Security fixes for c-ares, cpio, fetchmail, gd, go, haproxy, jszip,
  libarchive, libexif, libopenssl, libssh, libxcrypt, mc, mosquitto,
  nodejs, postgresql, prosody, python-pillow, python3, sylpheed, tor,

- Fixes for download/compilation/runtime/license issues in alsa-utils,
  arm-trusted-firmware, belle-sip, bullet, busybox, cjson, coreutils,
  eigen, environment-setup, ffmpeg, fontconfig, gdb, gnuradio, gnutls,
  ipmiutil, iputils, kvm-unit-tests, libgcrypt, libmodsecurity, librsvg,
  libshout, linux-pam, localedef, mesa3d, netsniff-ng, nginx, ogre,
  openjdk, openmpi, openvmtools, perl-net-ssh2, pipewire, prelink-cross,
  protobuf, python-pyudev, qt5base, samba4, sdl2, sox, swupdate, tar,
  terminology, uboot-tools, uhd, unbound, ushare, wlroots, xapp_xrdb,
  xapp_xwd, xen, xenomai, xlib_libXfont2, xlib_libXft, zip

For more details, see the CHANGES file:


Users of the affected packages are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

Many thanks to all the people contributing to this release:

git shortlog -sn 2021.05.1..

    55  Fabrice Fontaine
    10  Peter Korsgaard
     8  Bernd Kuhls
     7  James Hilliard
     5  Giulio Benetti
     4  Francois Perrad
     4  Romain Naour
     3  Angelo Compagnucci
     3  Thomas Petazzoni
     2  Asaf Kahlon
     2  Baruch Siach
     2  Christian Stewart
     2  James Knight
     2  Matthew Weber
     2  Michael Fischer
     1  Adrian Amaglio
     1  Alexander Egorenkov
     1  Conrad Ratschan
     1  Gleb Mazovetskiy
     1  Krzysztof Kanas
     1  Kyle Harding
     1  Michael Nosthoff
     1  Nevo Hed
     1  Quentin Schulz
     1  Sébastien Szymanski
     1  Titouan Christophe
     1  Yann E. MORIN

Bye, Peter Korsgaard

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