[Buildroot] Buildroot 2021.08.1 released

Peter Korsgaard peter at korsgaard.com
Mon Oct 11 12:40:15 UTC 2021


Buildroot is a simple tool for creating complete embedded Linux systems

Buildroot 2021.08.1 is released - Go download it at:




Or get it from Git:


Buildroot 2021.08.1 is a bugfix release, fixing a number of important /
security related issues discovered since the 2021.08 release.

- gdbinit: Mark the sysroot as a "safe path" before configuring	it, so
  pretty printers work correctly without having to pass	-ix to gdb

- Security fixes for apache, atftp, bind, botan, containerd, cryptopp,
  fetchmail, gd, ghostscript, go, haproxy, libcurl, libexif, libkrb5,
  libsndfile, libssh, libvirt, libxcrypt, libyang, lynx, mosquitto,
  nodejs, ntfs-3g, openjdk, openjdk-bin, openssh, php, python-pillow,
  python-pip, redis, squid, uclibc, vim, webkitgtk, wpewebkit, xen

- Fixes for download/compilation/runtime/license issues in alsa-lib,
  arm-trusted-firmware, cog, dash, dc3dd, docker-cli, docker-engine,
  dovecot, environment-setup, erlang, ffmpeg, fio, gcc, gdb, gnuradio,
  gnutls, gobject-introspection, google-breakpad, gst-omx,
  gst1-devtools, gst1-interpipe, gst1-libav, gst1-plugins-bad,
  gst1-plugins-base, gst1-plugins-good, gst1-plugins-ugly, gst1-python,
  gst1-rtsp-server, gst1-vaapi, gstreamer1, gstreamer1-editing-services,
  gupnp, imlib2, kodi, kodi-pvr-octonet, kodi-visualisation-fishbmc,
  libgcrypt, libglib2, libressl, librsvg, libvirt, links, lvm2, lxc,
  mesa3d, micropython, minicom, mono, mtr, mupdf, mv-ddr-marvell,
  net-tools, nginx-dav-ext, nmap, openjdk, openldap, pcre2, php-gnupg,
  pipewire, postgis, python-aioconsole, python-cbor2, python-cffi,
  python-cython, python-dateutil, python-django, python-texttable,
  python-urllib3, python-webob, qemu, qt5location, refpolicy, ripgrep,
  ruby, runc, sispmctl, sox, strongswan, supervisor, syslinux,
  syslog-ng, systemd, swupdate, tinycbor, trace-cmd, uboot-tools,
  udisks, uhd, vsftpd, wavemon, wget, wireless-regdb, xapp_xrdb,
  xapp_xwd, xlib_libXfont2, xlib_libXft, xserver_xorg-server, zip

For more details, see the CHANGES file:


Users of the affected packages are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

Many thanks to all the people contributing to this release:

git shortlog -sn 2021.08..

    53  Fabrice Fontaine
    19  Peter Seiderer
    16  Peter Korsgaard
    13  Giulio Benetti
    12  James Hilliard
    11  Romain Naour
     9  Francois Perrad
     8  Bernd Kuhls
     5  Asaf Kahlon
     5  Christian Stewart via buildroot
     4  Petr Vorel
     3  Adrian Perez de Castro
     3  Yann E. MORIN
     2  Adam Duskett
     2  Chris Packham
     2  Edgar Bonet
     2  Illia Bitkov
     2  James Knight
     2  Michael Nosthoff
     2  Raphaël Mélotte
     2  Thomas De Schampheleire
     2  Titouan Christophe
     1  Adrian Amaglio
     1  Angelo Compagnucci
     1  Antoine Tenart
     1  Baruch Siach
     1  Christian Stewart
     1  Joachim Wiberg
     1  Kory Maincent
     1  Krzysztof Kanas
     1  Martin Elshuber
     1  Maxim Kochetkov via buildroot
     1  Michael Fischer
     1  Nicolas Cavallari
     1  Quentin Schulz
     1  Sam Voss
     1  Sébastien Szymanski
     1  Thomas Petazzoni
     1  Waldemar Brodkorb

Bye, Peter Korsgaard

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