[Buildroot] [Bug 12876] putilimp.h **error**: missing binary operator before token "(" #elif __has_builtin(__c11_atomic_load) && \

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Sun May 10 17:12:37 UTC 2020


--- Comment #2 from yogesh kumar sharma <yogesh2760781 at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Fabrice Fontaine from comment #1)
it not solve the issue. 
what i did was i opened file nodejs.mk and added the line suggested like this 

(cd $(@D); \
                $(HOST_CONFIGURE_OPTS) \
                PATH=$(@D)/bin:$(BR_PATH) \
                PYTHON=$(HOST_DIR)/bin/python2 \
                $(HOST_DIR)/bin/python2 ./configure \
                --prefix=$(HOST_DIR) \
                --without-snapshot \
                --without-dtrace \
                --without-etw \
                --shared-openssl \
                --shared-openssl-includes=$(HOST_DIR)/include/openssl \
                --shared-openssl-libpath=$(HOST_DIR)/lib \
                --shared-zlib \
                --shared-zlib-includes=$(HOST_ZLIB_SRCDIR) \
                --shared-zlib-libpath=$(HOST_DIR)/lib \
                --no-cross-compiling \
                --with-intl=small-icu \

is that ok? or i have to add through patch. Actual i am not aware of how to add
patch in buildroot.

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