[Buildroot] Help: debug binary in build_root

Andreas Ziegler br015 at umbiko.net
Sat May 9 17:15:57 UTC 2020

Hi Kunal,

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> Date: Sat, 9 May 2020 16:33:47 +0530
> From: Kunal Chauhan <atkunalchauhan at gmail.com>
> To: buildroot at busybox.net
> Subject: [Buildroot] Help: debug binary in build_root

> 1.Please help/hint if we have a some binaries in build-root and its is
> crashing and also code  reside in LINUX folder of build-root. So how i 
> can
> find a crash in it or put valgrind if some chunk of code is crashing as 
> per
> logs.?

Are you looking at memory leaks and crashes inside a vendor specific 
kernel? Linux has a framework for memory leak detection. I never used it 
myself; the documentation is here:


You probably need to add this capability to code you patch into the 

In case of crashes, the first step is to look at the code. When 
deploying, leave debug symbols intact and don't strip binaries. The 
kernel dump should give you the location where a particular crash 
occurred. Sometimes the bug is obvious and can be found via a code 

If that does not help, or you are referring to a program in user-space, 
unpack gdb. You need to enable the package gdbserver in Buildroot and 
compile for debugging. Check the documentation for details how to use 
gdbserver /gdb client:


> 2. As point 1. Without using or running binary on board can i check the
> memory leaks at particular file ?

If you have cross-compiled code, that may be impossible. Static code 
analysis might locate some of the more obvious defects.

Kind regards,

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