[Buildroot] [PATCH v6 18/28] package/cmake: Fix for using -O in top-level make

Andreas Naumann dev at andin.de
Wed Mar 18 15:35:10 UTC 2020


On 17.03.20 20:02, Asaf Kahlon wrote:
> Hello,
> On Tue, Mar 17, 2020 at 8:08 AM Thomas Petazzoni
> <thomas.petazzoni at bootlin.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> On Mon, 16 Mar 2020 23:15:24 +0100
>> Andreas Naumann <dev at andin.de> wrote:
>>>>> This commit log was a bit vague on what the issue was. If I understand
>>> The issue was that the cmake configure step stopped with an error if I
>>> used the -O option. I dont think it was related to which output strategy
>>> was used.
>> I have not been able to reproduce the CMake configure step failure
>> then. Are you still able to reproduce this? If so, could you provide
>> more details about the setup: make version being, exact command line,
>> Buildroot version, etc ?
> I had this problem too, but currently I can't reproduce it.
> I'm still trying to reproduce and will update, but for the meantime:
> * My Buildroot version is 2020.02
> * The command I used was: make -j9 --output-sync=target
> * The CMake configure step failed. On the CMake log I saw the following message:
>     ccache: invalid option -- 'O'
> It seems like somehow the -O flag (==output-sync) was passed directly to ccache.

I'm not using ccache at the moment and I dont get a sensible error 
message. But seeing your error message I recognize it because probably I 
used ccache back when I made the patch.

Now after testing again with master (0f0868a) I can state the following:

Build breaks during configure (bootstrap) phase when running
*  make -j2 -Oline host-cmake
*  make -j2 -Otarget host-cmake
   Error when bootstrapping CMake:
   Problem while running make
   Log of errors: 

Looking at the logfile I cant figure out what the problem is.

The build succeeds with
*  make -j2 host-cmake
*  make -j2 -Onone host-cmake
*  make -j2 -Orecurse host-cmake

My assumption is that the problem lies in passing certain MAKEFLAGS for 
a parallel build while not passing -jxxx itself but using the 
--parallel=$(PARALLEL_JOBS) option. The bootstrap script then somehow 
reassembles the -jxxx option and certain ${cmake_make_flags} in an 
incompatible way (at least for -Oline and -Otarget).

I use GNU Make 4.1.

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