[Buildroot] scripts invoking code outside the per-package directory

Asaf Kahlon asafka7 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 19:58:11 UTC 2020


Recently, I upgraded my Buildroot version from 2019.11 to 2020.02 and
I tried to use per-package directories and parallel build.
My compilation has failed because:
* I have a host python package (let's call it "package A") which
installs a console script, which loads registered entry points and
does something.
* I have some other host python packages which register entry points
for package A.
* When a package wants to use the console script created by package A
- the registered entry points cannot be found.
After a little investigation I found out that the first line of the
console script instructs it to use the python interpreter of package A
(something like "#!<Package A per-package dir>/host/usr/bin/python). I
run a small grep and found it's not the only case (another one is the
easy_install utility, provided by setuptools).
I also managed to "solve" the problem by adding a configure step in
pkg-generic similar to the $(SED) we currently have on
$(HOST_DIR)/usr/bin), but I wonder if running this operation for
_every_ package is not too aggressive.

I think the problem is a little broader, because even without my
specific problem, which fails the compilation, we are probably running
console scripts which invokes code outside from the per-package
Any ideas for solving this issue?


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