[Buildroot] [Bug 12521] RISCV RV32IA selected, RV64GC output

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Wed Mar 4 14:10:14 UTC 2020


--- Comment #4 from Mark Corbin <mark at dibsco.co.uk> ---

The configuration that you posted won't build due to a missing entry for the
location of your kernel configuration file (BR2_LINUX_KERNEL_DEFCONFIG).

The default RISC-V configuration for the 5.0.13 kernel is for a 64-bit build,
so you would need to provide an appropriate kernel config fragment to change
this to 32-bit. Note that there is now an 'rv32_defconfig' in the kernel tree
(since the 5.1 release).

However, the minimum ISA requirement for the 5.0.13 kernel is RV32im and later
kernels require RV32ima (see arch/riscv/Makefile), so it seems that you
wouldn't actually be able to build an RV32ia (or RV32i) kernel anyway.



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