[Buildroot] [PATCH] package/dropbear: bump to version 2020.80

Thomas Petazzoni thomas.petazzoni at bootlin.com
Sat Jun 27 14:49:06 UTC 2020

On Sat, 27 Jun 2020 06:50:16 +0200
Francois Perrad <fperrad at gmail.com> wrote:

> remove merged patches.
> LICENSE diff:
> - Copyright (c) 2002-2015 Matt Johnston
> + Copyright (c) 2002-2020 Matt Johnston
> - LibTomCrypt and LibTomMath are written by Tom St Denis, and are Public Domain.
> + LibTomCrypt and LibTomMath are written by Tom St Denis and others, see
> + libtomcrypt/LICENSE and libtommath/LICENSE.
> and now, handles legal-info when LibTomMath & LibTomCrypt and bundled.

Thanks! Could you split the license information fix (for the "small"
configuration) from the version bump in two separate patches ? Indeed
the license information fix is really a fix that already applies to the
currently packaged Dropbear version, and we will want to backport this
to our LTS version.


Thomas Petazzoni, CTO, Bootlin
Embedded Linux and Kernel engineering

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