[Buildroot] Is there a way to alter BR2_CMAKE_VERSION_MIN?

Asaf Kahlon asafka7 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 18:36:54 UTC 2020


Currently, BR2_CMAKE_VERSION_MIN is set to 3.10.
On my machine I have cmake=3.12 and on my BR2_EXTERNAL tree I have
some private packages requiring cmake>=3.13.
In the current state, Buildroot won't build host-cmake since the
installed one is greater than 3.10, but still the compilation fails
because those packages need a higher version from what I have on my

Is there a reason why BR2_CMAKE_VERSION_MIN isn't set with "?=" but
with "="? Setting it with "?=" gives the user the option to change it
in case there are private packages which need a higher version of

Any other ideas on how to overcome this issue?


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