[Buildroot] [PATCH v2] package/cegui: select libglu when libgl is detected

Bartosz Bilas b.bilas at grinn-global.com
Mon Jun 22 20:11:31 UTC 2020

On 22.06.2020 22:01, Thomas Petazzoni wrote:
> On Mon, 22 Jun 2020 21:37:15 +0200
> Bartosz Bilas <b.bilas at grinn-global.com> wrote:
>> No, we wouldn't because libglu is selected only when we have
>> BR2_PACKAGE_HAS_LIBGL option set.
> libepoxy is a library for handling the load of OpenGL library, and has:
> So basically, when you have HAS_LIBGL=y, you can have either libepoxy
> *OR* libglew/libglu used by Irrlicht.
Oh right, somehow I hadn't seen this line before...
>> Libepoxy doesn't provide it so even if
>> we use glew instead of libepoxy we have to select libglu because cegui
>> directly includes GL/glu.h here ->
>> https://github.com/cegui/cegui/blob/v0-8-7/cegui/include/CEGUI/RendererModules/OpenGL/GL.h#L45
> That is exactly the code I have pasted below, please see my comments inline.
>>> This is confirmed by ./cegui/include/CEGUI/RendererModules/OpenGL/GL.h,
>>> which contains:
>>> #if defined CEGUI_USE_EPOXY
> So if the OpenGL loader is libepoxy, we are here...
>>> #include <epoxy/gl.h>
>>> #elif defined CEGUI_USE_GLEW
> *OR* if the OpenGL loader is glew, we are here, and we indeed include
> GLU unconditionally.
> So I stand to my position: according to the code, if you're using
> libepoxy as the OpenGL loader, you don't need Glew, and you don't need
> GLU.
I agree with you now, so basically we have to select glu only when glew 
is used and that should solve the problem discussed...
> Thomas
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