[Buildroot] [PATCH 1/1] package/gpiod: add gpiod hardware handling daemon

Marc Chalain marc.chalain at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 20:25:52 UTC 2020


Le ven. 19 juin 2020 à 21:39, Alexander Dahl <post at lespocky.de> a écrit :

> Hei hei,
> On Fri, Jun 19, 2020 at 05:37:55PM +0200, Marc Chalain wrote:
> > > Thanks a lot for your contribution. I have not reviewed it carefully.
> > > However, while it looks potentially interesting, I am personally always
> > > a bit concerned in packaging software components that look like
> > > "personal projects". This project has only been written by you, there
> > > are no contributions from others, no stars, no fork on Github, nothing
> > > indicates that anyone but you is using gpiod.
> > >
> > > This project comes from a professional project. I didn't find any tool
> > to launch an application on a switch event. I thought that is stupid to
> > write
> > code in the application only for that, when there isn't time mandatory.
> > This is a personal project, but I hope to reuse it in the future.
> I had a similar problem last year. There's triggerhappy which I first
> noticed on raspbian, but that was already too heavy and did not
> fullfill my needs (pressing a button for five seconds and acting after
> that).
> I know OpenWrt has something similar, but I found it was embedded to
> deep in their code to just use that part and they stripped out all
> that evdev stuff from kernel and userspace (probably to shrink size).
> However, I defined my button in dts as key, not just as gpio, because
> it is actually a key and linux has infrastructure for that.
> Furthermore there are reliable userspace libraries to not reinvent the
> wheel. I was able to build something around libevdev in two days.
> This solution may be complicated when you use some buttons for an
and just another button for a system feature. You have to manage several
 to name each one by udev (or mdev) to use the good one with each
A daemon on GPIO will never replace a keyboard. When you need several
key and a short time response, a keyboard is more powerful.
The Daemon is useful for few events in the life of the system, and you
don't want
modify an application.

Besides: your gpiod uses the well known libgpiod, but is not part of
> that project, right? That is a little puzzling, people will mix that
> up.
> Yes I'm sorry for the name. I wanted to use direct access to the
and after I saw that libgpiod was a kernel.org project. I should change the
but it's the right name for its usage, and it uses libgpiod, then the
daemon promotes
the library. Another name would have been stupid.
I will propose the daemon to the libgpiod developer, when I will be ready.

> Alex
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