[Buildroot] iproute2 binaries getting linked against libelf, which is not available in target

Andreas Hilse andreas.hilse at ipcomm.de
Fri Jun 19 06:31:33 UTC 2020

Thank you Thomas and Baruch for clarifying!

> Section 6.1.2 in the Buildroot manual says this:
>   We do not support toolchains or SDK generated by OpenEmbedded or
>   Yocto, because these toolchains are not pure toolchains (i.e. just
>   the compiler, binutils, the C and C++ libraries).
> https://buildroot.org/downloads/manual/manual.html#_cross_compilation_to
> olchain
> Buildroot Can't support an external toolchain that provides its own
> build of libelf, or any other library besides what gcc and the C library
> provide.

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