[Buildroot] iproute2 binaries getting linked against libelf, which is not available in target

Andreas Hilse andreas.hilse at ipcomm.de
Thu Jun 18 17:35:48 UTC 2020


I found an issue with buildroot 2020.02.x concerning iproute2 binaries
being linked against libelf.

According to iproute2.mk it should only link against libelf if
But it also links against libelf without that option selected and thus
renders the created binaries unusable in the target system.

After digging further I found that this is due to the iproute2 configure
script detecting libelf being available in the used toolchain
(crosstool-ng companion library).

After finding out I can work around this issue.
I thought this might be a thing to be addressed in buildroot, but I'm not
sure how to approach it.

Best regards
Andreas Hilse

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